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Ted Baker Purse Spray line

Ted Baker Purse Spray line

The Brief:
KMI approached ASG to develop a new elegant packaging format for its Ted Baker Purse Spray line. The packaging needed to be developed to make it more appealing on shelf and provide a more secure aspect to the content.

Key Challenges, our solutions:
Our structural & innovation team created an inner box made with two false walls, that was then complimented on each box to hold both day and night versions of the  perfumes, and further enhanced the consumer experience by having a reveal experience by adding an outer sleeve with a ribbon that positioned itself over the inner box. To  ensure brand consistency, we designed two sophisticated boxes reflecting today’s modern women and their active lifestyle. The colourful cartons with hot foil stamping are not  only attractive to the eyes, but provide a real secure solution.

The Result:
Packaging with impressive on-shelf differentiation, giving the customer a real opening experience.





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