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Sinatra Select

Sinatra Select

The Brief:
Package one of the highest profile special editions since ‘Old Jack’ himself. Honour the distinguished Sinatra name.

Key Challenges, our solutions:
Create a box design that stays true to the Jack Daniel’s brand and reflects the Sinatra legacy. Frank Sinatra used to say that orange is the happiest colour.
He often used to wear a bright orange handkerchief in his pocket. And the glass bottle designed for Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select wears amedallion featuring an icon of Frank’s familiar fedora hat. We created an outer box featuring a medallion with the Frank Sinatra fedora icon and an orange ribbon wrapped in 100% printable cotton linen. The orange colour works as the perfect complement to Sinatra Select’s classic black colour palette.

How could we go further to capture the imagination of fans?
Inside is a special edition book chronicling the story of Frank’s fifty-year relationship with Jack Daniel’s. We even involved the Sinatra family in every step of the process.

The Result:
In 2012, Sinatra Select was released to limited distribution sales in Las Vegas and some duty free airport locations. Due to initial launch success, Sinatra Select was released to national and global spirits retailers in Autumn 2013.




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